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A brand’s story: Venezianico by Extropian

Brand’s Story
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A brand’s story: Venezianico by Extropian

Italy may not be the first place you think of when it comes to quality watchmaking, but that situation is gradually changing, with a number of interesting microbrands springing up in recent years. One of our absolute favorites is Venezianico, who have built an impressive reputation making beautifully designed automatic watches with a great attention to detail that sets them apart from the crowd. Let’s take an in depth look at who they are and what they have to offer.


Founded by brothers Alberto and Alessandro Morelli, Venezianico started life under a different name, Meccaniche Veneziane, in 2017. Their first Kickstarter campaign, for the company’s flagship watch the Nereide, was an instant success, but the original name seems to have been a bit of a mouthful for some non-Italian speakers. This might explain why they’ve recently undergone a subtle re-brand, adopting the new moniker Venezianico in its stead. 

The word is a neologism which deftly combines the Italian adjective “Veneziano” (meaning “relating to Venice”) and the latin suffix “-ico”, meaning “a way to be”. So, in other words, it conjures a sense of a lifestyle and culture which is inherently Venetian; stylish, cosmopolitan, and colorful - just like the brand itself!


With a name like Venezianico, it’s hardly a surprise that the fratelli Morelli’s brainchild is deeply inspired by the city for which it's named. With a nod to Renaissance history, the brand’s logo is inspired by the cross on top of the clock tower on St. Mark’s square, while its visual identity echoes the materials used to construct the city, from the gray sandstone of the city’s paving to the Istria stone of its buildings, and the lustrous gold and other vibrant colors found on its stuccos and mosaics. Now doesn’t that sound beautiful?!

The Venezianico Ethos

Venezianico was founded on the basis of quality, affordability, and sustainability. They manage to keep their prices low by eliminating any non-essential intermediaries, while working across borders to source the most reliable components from Switzerland, China, Japan, and (of course) Italy

Like many modern microbrands, they are very aware of issues surrounding global climate change, so they aim to make their products as eco-friendly as possible, using lightweight packaging, recyclable materials, and reusable shipping boxes. Even their decision to focus exclusively on automatic movements means that no wasteful and harmful batteries are needed - just the natural kinetic energy of your wrist!

The product

Venezianico prides itself on the quality of its finishing, and this is evident in all their watches. Their case designs combine elegant, sinuous lines with a striking combination of brushed and polished surfaces, while their boldly-colored Sunray dials always look exquisite. And then are the little details, such as the brand’s cross logo embossed on the crown, and engraved casebacks featuring illustrations of whatever subject inspired each individual watch.

All their watches come in a variety of different versions, each reflecting the various colors of the Venetian cityscape, from steely grays to vibrant reds, blues, and greens. Most are accompanied by the brand’s patented Canova bracelet, which elegantly alternates concave and convex, and brushed and polished, elements. Those that don’t come with colorful Italian-made leather or leather/rubber hybrid straps.

And there are always some interesting limited editions to look out for too, from Aventurine dials to bezels and bracelets with Rose Gold highlights. But we’ll get to some of those later…

The Nereide

Venezianico’s signature model, The Nereide, is named after one of the marvels of Venetian naval technology, the Nereide submarine. So, as you might expect, this is a rugged package designed to stand up to any challenge. A classic Diver, with 200m water resistance and a modern, refined 316L stainless-steel case, it comes in a choice of colorful dial and bezel options, and features an engraved caseback depicting the submarine after which it’s named. 

There are also a number of very cool limited editions to choose from, such as a black mother-of-pearl dial or a sleek forged carbon dial and bezel combo with a subtly reshaped case and rubber strap.

Venezianico Nereide Carbonio

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New Release : the Nereide Bronzo

Discover the latest timepiece from Venezianico, the "Nereide Bronzo," an exceptional watch inspired by the metal of the famous Horses of St. Mark's. Embodying the timeless charm of this material, crucial to the history of Venetian craftsmanship, the meticulously finished case evolves over time, developing a unique patina that narrates countless stories. Limited to 500 pieces, this watch is more than just an accessory; it's a living material.

The Nereide Bronzo stands out not only for its elegant design but also for its ability to evolve, acquiring a distinctive personality through the formation of its patina. Available with a rubber strap and optionally with a sophisticated leather variant, this watch embodies the vitality of bronze, offering a blend of style and durability that caters to the needs of those seeking a lasting and captivating timepiece.

Drawing inspiration from the magnificence of the Horses of St. Mark's, symbols of power and prosperity in Venice, the Nereide Bronzo pays homage to these bronze horses forged in ancient Greece, finding their home on the Basilica of St. Mark in the 13th century, recounting the story of conquests and greatness of the lagoon city. The art of bronze craftsmanship, an integral part of Venetian know-how, is honored by this unique Nereide, combining the grandeur of the past with contemporary artisanal mastery.

Venezianico - Nereide Bronzo

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The Nereide GMT

One of Extropian’s Best New Watches of 2023, this new GMT edition is a nifty update of the Nereide, retaining all the resilience of the original Dive watch with an additional GMT complication, making it. an ideal choice for holidays by the sea! We especially loved the Qatar edition which adds a touch of the Middle East to the mix, with an intricate red and white mother of pearl mosaic dial (recalling the Qatari flag), a matching bezel with Arabic numerals, and an engraved caseback portraying the ancient Bedouin art of falconry.

Venezianico Nereide GMT Qatar Edition

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The Nereide Ultraleggero

Drawing inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci’’s iconic Vitruvian Man, and the close connection between Renaissance art and science, The Ultraleggero is an even more radical re-imaging of the original Neriede. It features a truly original skeletonized dial with a patented design which both reveals the watch’s movement and allows for greater lightness and less bulk in the case structure. 

The dial itself has an incredible sense of depth, consisting of two overlaid cut-out plates, each with a different finish, and the applied markers and dial text either printed or mounted on an invisible disc above them, so they almost seem to float in mid-air. Despite this intricate design, it has the same degree of waterproofing and stress resistance as the original Nereide, and comes in a variety of color options, from a gunmetal PVD version to a vibrant metallic green.

Venezianico Nereide Ultraleggero

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The Bucintoro

The Bucintoro is named after the legendarily opulent ceremonial barge used by the Doge of venice to open the annual rowing competition, now known as the “Regata Storica” (or Historical Regatta). So, as you may have already guessed, this is a handsome sports chronograph which blends elegance, function, and tradition. 

The dial features a subtle mix of textures and surfaces, its sunburst finish contrasting with the high-polished applied indices and handset and the azurage finish of the two subdials. The raised tachymeter scale gives an impressive sense of depth, which fits nicely with the tall (14.5mm) case, with its attractive sculpted pushers and vertically brushed bezel. The caseback is engraved with an image of the original Bucintoro, which is a lovely final detail.

Venezianico Bucintoro

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Inspired by the Basilica del Redentore, the masterpiece of the venetian architect Andrea Palladio, this handsome little number is as graceful and perfectly balanced as a neoclassical building. It has a timeless elegance which lends it great versatility, but it would be a particularly good choice for more dressy occasions, especially if you opt for the smaller 36mm case. On the standard edition the dial is delightfully minimalist, with faceted Dauphine hands and markers giving it a hint of the 1930s, but there are other options available if you want to dress it up a little. 

The Diamond edition adds a shimmering mother-of-pearl dial and 12 individual diamonds set into the hour markers. The “Clous de Paris” adds a deep blue Guilloché dial surrounded by a silver rim with applied arabic numerals, a circular date subdial at six o’clock, and a power reserve indicator in the upper half of the dial. And, the super-minimalist Ultrablack edition has no indices at all, just silver Dauphine hands set against a plain dial finished with Japanese Musou Black paint, which absorbs 99.4% of light. Pure class…

Venezianico Redentore Ultrablack

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Hopefully that’s enough to convince you to check out this super exciting and original new Italian brand. We guarantee you won’t regret it!. To explore more of what they have to offer, why not take a trip over to Extropian’s database!

Created the 2023-09-12

Modified the 2024-02-02

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