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Types of watch strap Part 1 - Metal bracelets by Extropian

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Types of watch strap Part 1 - Metal bracelets by Extropian

Metal watch bracelets are much-loved for their versatility and durability. They can be rugged or elegant and if well-cared for (and we’re sure you’re the careful type when it comes to your watches!) they can last forever. We’re going to have a quick look at some of the most common types, and a few of the more unusual ones!

Oyster style

There’s no denying that the Oyster is one of the most iconic watch bracelets ever designed! Originally created by Rolex in the 1930s, it’s a solid looking bracelet made from flat three piece links. It’s a casual, functional, and versatile design which has been adapted by numerous other brands, so luckily you don’t have to pay a fortune for it! 

Clemence Watches - Photic Diver 

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Goodspeed - Scout Automatic 


Jubilee style

Another iconic design, originally introduced in 1945, the Jubilee has a more complex and elegant pattern which makes it a slightly dressier alternative to the Oyster. The pattern is made up of five links (two wide ones at the edges and three narrower ones in the middle), which form a series of small X-shaped patterns along its length.


Borealis - Adraga V2 


President style

The President falls somewhere between the Oyster and the Jubilee, being slightly more refined than the former, but not as dressy as the latter. It has a three-link design, but the links are narrower and semi-circular, with a rounded bar across the middle.

Borealis - Olisipo 



Beads of rice

Another classic design, dating back to the mid 20th century. As the name suggests this design consists of multiple small links which resemble beads of rice. It’s super intricate and very versatile, looking great on both dress watches and sports watches!

Baltic Watches - Aquascaphe 

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Direnzo - DRZ05 Solaris 



The Engineer is a more robust version of the Beads of Rice. And when we say robust, we really mean it! It’s a hefty 5mm thick and is made of five chunky, flattened hexagonal links, all of equal size. 

Radcliffe - Tsunami 

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Dating back to the late 1960s, the Ladder bracelet features wide gaps between its center links, giving the appearance of, you guessed it, a ladder! These missing links make the bracelet super light and it’s great in hot weather as it allows airflow to the wrist! You can’t say that about many other metal bracelets! It’s a very distinctive and quirky design which for a long while was quite obscure, but it’s seeing something of a revival in the 21st Century and we’re happy to play a part in that!  

Heinrich Watches - Taucher 2 

 Heinrich Black

Shark Mesh

The Shark Mesh bracelet was originally designed for Omega dive watches in the 1970s and was specifically designed to provide the strength and durability that professional divers might need. It was even advertised as being shark-proof (hence the name) but as we care about our community here at Extropian, we really don’t advise testing that claim! Made from a series of small, intertwined loops, it looks a lot like chainmail. But despite the rugged looks, it’s actually much lighter than most metal bracelets.

Technik4X - Skeletor Pro 

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The Milanese has a similar design to the Mesh bracelet, but with much smaller links so it looks a little more refined, making it ideal for dress watches. Originally created in Milan (well, obviously!) in the 19th Century, the style was perfected by German watchmakers in the 1920s and became popular from then on. It uses a very dense, tight mesh which makes them especially smooth and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

Marloe - Haskell Field Standard 


H Link

The H Link is a very distinctive variation on the Oyster, made up of broad H-shaped links, with a small rectangular link in between them. It’s a great alternative if you want something a little out of the ordinary. 

Batavi Watches - Architect 

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The Canova bracelet, made exclusively by Venezianico, is a stylish variation on the H Link design. Incorporating subtle curves, alternating concave and convex forms, and a beautifully integrated butterfly clasp, it’s a seriously seductive bracelet! Well, it is Italian

Venezianico - Bucintoro 40 

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Elegant, refined, rugged and even shark proof (well, maybe…). As you can see there’s a metal watch bracelet out there for everyone, and you’ll find a really great range in the mid market sector! 

Created the 2023-01-19

Modified the 2023-12-20

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