The Best Travel Watches Under $1,000 by Extropian

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The Best Travel Watches Under $1,000 by Extropian

The Best Travel Watches Under $1,000

Whether you’re heading off on vacation or a business trip, a good Travel Watch is always an essential companion. The perfect blend of great looks and practical functionality, these handy timepieces allow you to keep track of a second (or even third) time zone at a glance, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing anyone in the middle of the night when you’re calling home!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Travel Watches, including a mix of GMT, World Timer, and 12-hour bezels, all of which are water resistant to at least 100m, so they’re ideal for trips that mix business with a little pool-related pleasure. And, what’s more, they’re all priced at less than $1,000!

Batavi – Geograaf (€849)

The Geograaf is yet another great design from Amsterdam-based Batavi, featuring the brand’s signature blend of sophisticated, minimalist style and vintage aesthetics. It’s an innovative take on both the GMT and World Timer, featuring a multi-layer dial with a 24-hour ring around the center and a really cool rotating inner bezel around the edge. The bezel is printed with either a 12-hour scale or the names of major world cities, depending on which version you opt for, and is operated by a secondary crown at 10 o’clock. Available in a range of bold colors, including a stunning French Lavender version, it’s also water resistant to 200m, so ideal for lounging on the beach!

Batavi Geograaf French Lavender



Dufrane – City Limits Dark Haze GMT ($899)

Dufrane’s watches feature a striking blend of minimalist design, vintage aesthetics, and modern technology. The City Limits Dark Haze GMT features a hardened PVD coated case with a double-domed sapphire crystal, and a double-sealed screw down crown, making it water resistant up to 200m. The distinctive textured dial consists of a series of blue concentric circles, which to our mind resembles a vinyl record, while the bezel includes a matching anodized aluminum insert. Great for vacations and informal settings, it comes with an eye-catching geometric threaded gaucho leather strap, or a deep blue silicone strap if you want to head for the pool.

Dufrane City Limits Dark Haze


Lorier – Hyperion ($799)

The Hyperion is an archetypal GMT straight out of the Jet Age, inspired by classics such as the Rolex GMT-Master and the Heuer Autavia. I’s look could hardly be more classic, with an Air Force blue and burgundy bezel, a chapter ring circling the minute track, a roulette date wheel at six o’clock, and gilt highlights on the black dial. It also features a handsome fully brushed flat-link Epsilon bracelet and is water resistant to 100m. But thankfully for those of us who’d rather save our hard earned cash for drinking Margaritas by the pool,  it only costs a fraction of the watches that inspired it!

Lorier Hyperion


Marloe – GMT ($867)

Marloe’s latest offering, the GMT, is available in two versions, both displaying a great eye for detail, texture, and contrasting colors and finishes. The “Day” edition features an icy-blue dial with a rough sandpaper texture in the center, contrasting with a smooth chalky outer circle and a chamfered internal ring containing the 24-hour scale. By contrast, “Night” has a deep twilight blue (almost black) dial with white indices and a GMT hand painted to match the dial so it all but disappears, apart from the vivid flash of orange at the tip!

Marloe GMT - Day


Melbourne Watch Co. – Fitzroy GMT (AUD 595) 

The Fitzroy GMT is another in Marloe’s superb line of vintage-inspired timepieces with a modern twist. It features their signature multi-layered dial with its distinctive, intricate wave pattern surrounded by stainless steel indices. It also boasts a 316L stainless steel case with both brushed and polished surfaces, a rotating 24-hour bezel, date complication, and domed sapphire crystal. Really, what more could you want?

Melbourne Watch Co. Fitzroy GMT


Nodus – Contrail III (Price TBA)    

Based in Los Angeles since 2016, Nodus describes itself as a “watch research and design company” with an emphasis on producing highly durable and efficient timepieces, which are being constantly improved and updated with each new iteration. They ‘re renowned for the quality of their finishing, and the Contrail is no exception, with its brushed steel 12-hour bezel, knurled crown, and a dial featuring distinctive tapered baton markers and a steel chapter ring with a 13–24-hour track. The Contrail II is sold out, but the new Contrail III is due for release in the fall and will be adding the Miyota 9075 movement to the mix - a true GMT movement with independent jumping hour hand.

Nodus Contrail II


RZE – Ascentus GMT ($549)

After producing a range of outstanding Divers, Chronographs, Pilots, and Field watches, the Ascentus GMT adds another great tool watch to RZE’s repertoire. It boasts a bead-blasted finish, DLC-coated Titanium bezel, and a Hex-link titanium bracelet which they claim is, “the most comfortable ever”. A bold claim, but given the brand’s reputation for quality and value, we don’t doubt them!

RZE Ascentus GMT


Tsao Baltimore – Balt-Pilot Worldtimer ($569)

The Balt-Pilot Worldtimer is Tsao Baltimore’s unique take on a modern Pilot watch, featuring a lightweight Titanium case with 1200HV coating to protect against daily wear, scratches, and the rigors of travel. The dial is elegantly simple, with Arabic numerals, a 24-hour scale around the center, and a rotating inner bezel around the edge listing major world destinations. Launching just in time for summer, it’s available in a range of bold colorways and finishes, including Meteorite and DLC options. We love the Dark Emerald version with its vibrant green Sunburst Fumé dial.


Tsao Baltimore Balt-Pilot Worldtimer


Venezianico – Nereide GMT ($609)

One of Extropian’s Best New Watches of 2023, this new GMT is a nifty update of the Nereide Diver, retaining all the resilience of the original with an additional GMT complication, making it an ideal choice for holidays by the sea! We especially loved the Qatar edition which adds a touch of the Middle East to the mix, with an intricate red and white mother of pearl mosaic dial (recalling the Qatari flag), a matching bezel with Arabic numerals, and an engraved caseback portraying the ancient Bedouin art of falconry. Pretty cool, huh?

Venezianico Nereide GMT Qatar Edition


Vesuviate – Volare GMT ($425)

Specializing in classic tool watches, Vesuviate has created a superb range of timepieces which are functional, robust, accurate, and affordable. The Volare certainly fits the bill, with its iconic style, 316L stainless steel case and bracelet, rotating 24-hour bezel with sapphire insert, 200m water-resistance, and Seiko NH34A automatic movement with 41-hour power reserve. And all at well under the $500 mark. Phew!

Vesuviate Volare GMT



As you can see, there’s no shortage of great options for every kind of globetrotter. But even if your ideal travel companion isn’t on this list, don’t worry – we’ll have another selection to offer very soon. In the meantime, take a trip over to Extropian’s database and explore to your heart's desire!

Created the 2023-08-09

Modified the 2024-04-12

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