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Our guide to the most gorgeous dial patterns out there! By Extropian

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Our guide to the most gorgeous dial patterns out there! By Extropian

Anyone who’s spent a while looking at watches will have noticed that watch dials come in a huge range of patterns, often bursting with color. We’re going to take a look at some of the most intriguing…


Brushed finishes are found exclusively on metal dials and, while they can vary in appearance, they’re all accomplished via a form of linear engraving. This type of finishing allows the dial to maintain a bright tone without giving off as much reflection as polished or glossy dials. Brushing can also be combined with different finishes (such as Sandblasting or Sunburst) to convey extra complexity. 

Atelier Jalaper - DB5

A J001 S1

❤️ This super-cool dial (made from part of an Aston Martin’s bonnet) is driving us crazy!


Sunburst (or Sunray) dials are created using a brush, usually with metal filaments, which etches a series of ultra-fine lines into the dial’s surface. These lines radiate outwards from the center of the dial, just like the rays of the sun! This gives the dial a subtle and very distinctive texture which reflects light in different ways, brightening certain parts while darkening others. Layers of enamel are often added to create additional textures and depth, making an already gorgeous dial even more elegant. 

Haim Watch Co - Legacy SE Mechanical Chronograph

3 O I000873 04

❤️ This Sunray dial is a perfect marriage of beauty and function. And yes, we love it!

Fumé / Gradient

Fumé (or “smoked”) dials have a very distinctive look, with color gradients that slowly shift from darker on the outer edge to a lighter color towards the middle. The effect is created using a spinning wheel with paint which distributes the gradient onto the dial in an even fade. They can also be referred to as Gradient dials.

Relio - Solstice

Dsc 4101 040610e7 F91b 41c1 A221 12bafb363096 900x

❤️ Extropian adores the minimal elegance of this Fumé dial. We think you will too!


Guilloché dials have intricate patterns engraved on their surfaces in grids of straight, curved, or broken lines. The end result gives a silky appearance and beautiful texture to the dial. It’s also less reflective, making it easier to read. Beautiful and practical. What more could you want?!

Atelier Wen - Perception

Product Perception Piao Sm

❤️ It takes 8 hours to make just one of these stunning hand-made Guilloché dials. And the result is definitely worth it!


Tapisserie dials feature a pattern of small, raised squares (sometimes compared to a waffle!) created by a complex and delicate engraving process. Although originated by Audemars Piguet in the 1970s, it’s a style now used by many other watchmakers as well, so you don’t have to pay a fortune for one of these stunning dials!

Nodus - Avalon II

Screen Shot 2022 02 28 at 1.16.22 Pm E1646157150977

❤️ Extropian loves the blend of classic and modern detailing on this gorgeous Tapisserie dial!

Côtes de Genève

Originated in the late 19th Century, the Côtes de Genève pattern (also known as Geneva Stripes or Geneva Waves) consists of an intricate series of curved, tapering scratches which create a series of parallel stripes with a very distinctive (and deceptive) three-dimensional effect. So, while a dial decorated in this style might look like it has a series of raised ridges running across it, it’s actually completely flat!

Maen - Automatic No Date Manhattan 37

Im G01 Copy 4

❤️ The beautiful shimmering effect of this Côtes de Genève dial has to be seen to be believed!


A Whirlpool dial features a series of curved, criss-crossed lines radiating outwards from its center to its edge. The end result is simple, elegant, and very distinctive, giving the impression of – you guessed it – a whirlpool emanating from the center of the dial.

Zelos - Mako V3 300M

Teal2021 07 14 Zelos Mako Titanium V3 Mr 800x

❤️ Extropian could just dive straight into this stunning Whirlpool dial!


The Snowflake dial has a unique textured pattern which, as the name suggests, gives the impression of freshly fallen, lightly windswept snow. It was originated by Grand Seiko in the early 1970s and is created via a complex process of stamping the initial pattern onto a dial blank and then adding successive layers of coating to create the subtle, translucent effect of the finished dial.

Borealis - Adraga V2 Stainless Steel Miyota 90S5 White Snowflake Dial Pattern Commando Hands No Date


❤️ Like wearing winter on your wrist - but this awesome Snowflake dial will look great at any time of the year!


Linen dials have a textile-like pattern created via irregular crosshatch engraving. Their textured surfaces reflect light in beautiful and intriguing ways, much like a Guilloché dial.

Stella Watch Co - Breslin

Stella Breslin 2 E1685501530170.jpg

❤️ It’s your time to shine with this brilliant, super-reflective linen dial!

Bead Blasted

Bed blasting is a finishing process in which small spheres of glass, or another abrasive material, are blasted at high pressure against a surface, covering it in tiny dents which give it a unique matte texture.

Draken - Benguela ETA

Draken Bengula Blue on Rubber Diving Equipment Min

❤️ Extropian loves the chunky depth of this dial made from slabs of Bead-Blasted steel.


As the name implies, an artwork dial features a printed design of some kind, which can be anything from a detailed illustration to an abstract pattern of shapes and colors. There’s no limit really, so watch designers can let their imaginations go wild!

Boldr - Venture X Art Story by Autistic Thai Foundation

Artstory 800x

❤️ We can’t get enough of this quirky rotating dial featuring its own lucky Koi fish! 


The Turbine dial was created by Perrelet and inspired by the spinning blades of jet engines. Used only on automatic watches, the turbine on the dial spins around when the wearer moves their wrist as it’s basically a second rotor on the dial itself – mechanically similar to the rotor in the automatic movement. This may not be a pattern in the same sense as the others listed here, but the effect is undeniably cool!

Zelos - Thresher 500M GMT

Z 18 600x600 Crop Center

❤️ Extropian can’t wait to fire up the custom rotor hidden under this stunning Sandwich dial!


As you can see there are many, many gorgeous dial patterns out there! Why not explore more on Extropian’s database ?!

Created the 2023-10-05

Modified the 2023-12-01

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