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Presentation of Zelos

At Zelos, we draw inspiration from the rarest places. From miles beneath the sea, or above the clouds. From prized ancient materials and modern alloys. Or sometimes, even from outer space. Every Zelos watch uses unique materials such as meteorites, submarine metals, bronze, and even Timascus – a Titanium Damascus alloy that’s a world-first in watchmaking. So that our watches are more than just visually striking, they’re timepieces that are created with characteristic originality & superlative engineering in equal parts.

History of Zelos

Founded in 2014

Zelos was founded in 2014 by Elshan Tang, born of a lifelong passion and a desire to create inspired timepieces. At just 15 years old, Elshan had already developed a penchant for watches, collecting his first few luxury timepieces. By the early 2010s, it had grown into an unofficial business of trading them – even after he’d graduated from his mechanical engineering degree from the National University of Singapore. But simply trading the same brands and the same designs over and over got old quickly. Elshan craved something different. He decided that he’d have to make this difference possible himself. That’s when Zelos was born. Named after the Greek deity of zeal and passion, that aptly reflected the ethos of the brand. To create distinctive timepieces that each told a story, with unique materials and an inimitable design language. That always delivered a premium experience, and a lasting value far beyond the price tag. Today, Zelos continues the tradition of creating signature watches. Masterfully designed by Elshan in Singapore, and sold the world over. Since our founding, we’ve been celebrated by critics and watch enthusiasts alike for our original styles and remarkable value. Our commitment though stays the same – to keep innovating, and to always boldly redefine the conventions of watchmaking.

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