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Different Types of Clasp by Extropian

It’s easy to take the humble watch clasp for granted but when you think about it, it actually has a pretty vital role to play as it keeps your beloved timepiece attached to your wrist! We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this essential element of your watch.

What is a watch clasp?

A watch clasp is a fastening mechanism that attaches the two ends of the strap or bracelet. We’re guessing you already knew that! However, depending on its adjustability, it can also play an integral role in making sure your watch fits properly too. There are several main types, which often come in subtly different variations. Let’s take a look at the most common.

Pin Buckle

Sometimes described as a “Tang Buckle” or “Ardillon Buckle” , the Pin Buckle is one of the most popular and instantly recognisable types of clasp.

It’s basically like a small belt buckle attached to the shorter end of the strap. The longer end of the strap passes through the buckle and the pin is inserted into one of several adjustment holes, depending on the size of the wrist. The strap is then secured by one or two loops placed just below the pin buckle. Easy!


Autodromo Intereuropa Manual Wind Silver Blue Dial  Pin Buckle

Autodromo - Intereuropa - Pin Buckle


Deployant clasps are another popular type and come in several different versions. Although mostly found on metal bracelets they can also be used on leather and other types of straps.

Unlike the Pin Buckle, the Deployant keeps both ends of the bracelet attached at all times. It works via a system of hinged metal plates that unfold to allow you to slip your hand through the bracelet, then fold up again and lock into place.

Size-Adjustable Deployant

The main downside of Deployant clasps is that they’re not always adjustable. This means that you might have to get the bracelet resized by a professional. And if your wrist swells up in hot weather it could be kinda uncomfortable.  

Thankfully there are some clasps around that you can adjust all on your own so that your watch will always be a perfect fit! 

  1. Diver Extension clasps were designed for professional dive watches and have a built-in adjustment tool to allow a tighter or looser fit (which is great if you need to switch a watch from your wrist to the sleeve of your wetsuit!).

ZRC - Diver extension 

  1. Micro-Adjust clasps have a series of holes along their side which allow you to adapt the position of the spring bar with a simple tool, so you can alter the size of the strap by just a few millimeters without having any links removed.


Namica Watches Neo Tokyo  Shirahama Kanji Black Dlc  Micro Adjust

Namica Watches - Neo Tokyo - Micro Adjust

  1. Quick-Adjust clasps use a system of ball bearings in the clasp to allow the wearer to adjust the bracelet by tiny gradations without even removing the watch.


Detroit Watch Co 1701 Pontchartrain® 43mm   Great Lakes Edition Gmt Diver Black Dial Bezel  Quick Adjust

Detroit Watch Co - 1701 Pontchartrain® 43mm Great Lakes Edition GMT Diver - Quick Adjust


Push-Button Deployant

The Push-Button Deployant works on the same principle as the regular version, but is a bit more convenient to open as the mechanism is released by pushing two buttons on either side of the clasp (which also makes them more secure as they can’t pop open by themselves).


Nodus Sector Dive (steel Bezel) Seafoam Double Pusher

Nodus - Sector - Double Pushers 

Tri-fold/Safety Deployment

Another version of the Deployant, the Tri-fold clasp consists of three sections which fold in on top of one another, with an additional snap latch that folds over the main clasp for extra security.


The Butterfly clasp is both super elegant and super secure! It consists of two symmetrical folding metal hinges which, when locked together, are hidden on the inside of the bracelet so the outside seems like one continuous whole.

The mechanism is released by two push-buttons at the sides of the joint and, when opening or closing, the foldable sections of the hinges spread out like the wings of a butterfly. Hence the name!

Direnzo Mondial V2 2023 Date Drz 04 Purple  Butterfly

Direnzo - Mondial V2 - Butterfly clasp


Sliding Buckle

Designed specifically for Milanese or Mesh bracelets the Sliding Buckle allows the wearer to instantly adjust the width of the bracelet to any desired size.

It has a buckle in the middle of the shorter part of the bracelet which can be easily adjusted by sliding it up or down. At the end of the longer part there’s a clasp, which clamps down on the buckle to secure the watch in place.


The Jewelry Clasp is very similar to the kind of clasp used in bracelets, although they tend to be more delicate and refined. It has two main parts – a latch on one side and a hole on the other. The latch goes through the hole, folds over and snaps shut with its own in-built locking mechanism. 


Velcro isn’t a clasp in quite the same sense as the ones described above, but it performs exactly the same function, mainly on nylon straps. It uses a hook-and-loop system that fixes the two ends of the strap together very securely and can be easily adjusted to any wrist size.



So, far from being a boring, functional fixture on your watch strap, the clasp has a lot to offer in its own right. Whether you want convenience or security, classy looks or total informality, it can make all the difference. So let’s hear it for the humble clasp!

Created the 2023-03-23

Modified the 2024-01-12

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