Extropian Gets a Makeover... And More!

New visual identity
New features
Loyalty program
Extropian Gets a Makeover... And More!

Soon, you will discover on our website and social media the new visual identity of Extropian, accompanied by unprecedented features that promise to facilitate and enhance the user experience.

Read this article carefully until the end to unveil a big surprise!

A Redesigned User Interface for Intuitive Navigation:

The Extropian team has devoted months of research and development to design a revamped user interface, centered around you.

Whether you are a seasoned watch collector or an inquisitive soul on a quest for discoveries, you will now find everything you need more easily on the Extropian website.


You will soon be able to explore:

  • Daily launches and upcoming premieres


  • The latest additions to our database
  • Thoughtfully crafted product profiles, with dedicated articles or videos for each watch, providing you with a comprehensive review
  • Reviews from other users to guide you in your choices
  • An exceptional comparator to find your perfect match
  • The Watchbook, which gathers your favorites selected from the site
  • Pages dedicated to brands and their offerings
  • A Loyalty Program where you can accumulate points and compete with other watch enthusiasts. Will you be present on the Leaderboard?


But the major innovation is the arrival of our Second-Hand Marketplace!

Soon, you will be able to buy and sell your pre-owned watches securely and swiftly!


So, are you excited?

Join the Extropian adventure and soon discover our new website!

Created the 2023-07-24

Modified the 2023-12-01

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