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I believe watchmaking is all about capturing the essence of time. Seeing time, feeling the movement of time and realising the romance between man and time itself. The optimism that lies within trying to contain, study and measure the concept of time through a timepiece. Establishing a micro brand means entering into a world of masters, geniuses and legends. The road to success has been paved and re paved thousands, if not millions of times before and the balance between inheritance and reinvention is more important than ever. Understanding and respecting the legacy of the past is the tool we use to help shape the future. We live in a time where being first often is more important than being right. I personally believe in getting things right, even if that means taking a look in the rear view mirror before moving forward. The main focus for Zentier is the the journey. They say: “never wish your journey away”, so I am proud to start at the very beginning and I invite you to join me on the journey from startup and all the way up to where the pioneers pave new roads leading us into the future, one watch at the time!

History of Zentier Watches

My name is Morten Loewe and I am the founder of ZENTIER watches. I would like to formally introduce myself and and give you a little insight into what drives me when it comes to Zentier as a brand as well as the values that I purposely pursue through the design and development of my watches. My own watch collecting journey is one which started many years ago where I as a young boy always found myself attracted by, and even obsessed with the desire and need of wearing a wrist watch. I always loved admiring the watches themselves often to the point of forgetting to even take notice of the actual time. The love of watches, whether it's vintage or modern timepieces, has now lead me on a journey to create my own brand. It is a journey on which my goal is to design, develop and create my way to independent watchmaking and I am more than happy and honoured to bring you with me on this journey. A little more background about myself, before I get into the philosophy of Zentier as a brand. I am a former World, European and British Open Latin American Dance-Sport Champion. Yes, you read that right. Dance sport Champion turned watchmaker. - Striving for perfection, - Understanding and materialising the concept of time, - Creating perfect harmony. Those are some of the elements that I, as a professional dancer, have dedicated my life to ever since I was very young. Those are the concepts that has manifested themselves within the desire of my mind and those are the driving forces which inspire my life and everything I do. The beautiful simplicity of a complicated time-piece is the perfect example of the knowledge, dedication and craftsmanship required in order to create a work of art which is exactly what I believe every wrist watch should aim to be!

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