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Von Vogel

Presentation of Von Vogel

Traditionally to make custom made watches, was a timely and expensive process. I wanted to make it affordable, quick and available in retail. Therefore I had to look at a watches in a completely new way. By splitting the components of a watch into 3 main parts, you can now mix and match, these 3 parts exactly to your desires.Creating the look, functions and price point you want. What more; you can change every part whenever you want, going from a clean design, to a sporty design. Making it affordable to have a watch for every occasion. Danish design is not only minimalistic. It is for me; the simplicity in its functionality. With 3 parts you now have the opportunity to create your own watch, that fully reflects who you are, in different occasions, thoughoutyourlife. Each part, comes in a range of different styles, from minimalistic and classic to sporty and retro. Each dial design with a range of different movement functions, from simple 3 hand/date to complicated multi-function.All hand made from the best materials. With VON VOGEL, I wanted to give our customers the frame work, to be creative, to engage and design their own watches, so they can be proud of the time piece that they wear every day.

History of Von Vogel

Having designed watches for different fashion brands over the past 20 years, I have always thought it was a special privilege wearing my own watches. Getting a compliment on something that I have put thought, time and energy into, is a special feeling that I wanted to give to our customers. A watch is a very personal thing, something very visible, that you wear everyday. I therefore wanted to give our customers the opportunity to create his own watch, fully custom made to his style and wishes.

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Von Vogel official website https://www.vonvogel-design.com
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