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The passion for watches. The desire to admire them, to possess them, to use them, to enjoy that little miracle of mechanical life that comes alive in symbiosis with the heartbeat. How many of those who are reading these few lines of presentation are recognizing themselves in them? I believe many, because I too, just like you, proudly define myself as an enthusiast. And like an engineer, animated by his passion for structures, has the dream of leaving an eternal work to posterity or like a painter, in search of his definitive masterpiece, so much so as to be remembered in the history of art, I too am a great day I felt the need, in my own small way, to have my say and launch a project to share my passion for timepieces with many. Vertigo Watches was born with the presumption of producing watches with a high technical content and an indisputable aesthetic pleasantness, which can adapt to a diver's wetsuit or a businessman's blazer and which, above all, are not the prerogative of a few, but available for everyone , because we believe in the democracy of beauty. It is with this hope that I gave life to this wonderful idea, sure of finding the consensus and encouragement of other enthusiasts like me!

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