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Tolentino® Watches is a watchmaking startup founded in 2020 based in Cercola, Italy. We at Tolentino Watches are proud to be led by the cultural principles that have made the Made in Italy an excellence recognized worldwide and for this reason we have decided to put quality at the center of our project. For us the value of a product determines its price and not the other way around, and the concept of value is closely linked to that of quality. Committing to creating high quality products at an excellent value for money is our mission, which is why making a Swiss Made watch was a must. To be recognized as Swiss Made watches together with our Swiss partners we complete the technical development of the design up to prototyping, the entire assembly and testing is carried out in Switzerland and of course the movement used is Swiss Made. Our idea of ​​creating value is to create fine watches characterized by a high quality of all components, finishes and processes, able to guarantee level performance and make them available to the public at an affordable price. To make our watches we prefer the use of highly sustainable materials and processes, all our watches feature only fine automatic calibers, movements with great longevity and very low environmental impact. Thanks to the commitment and willingness of our partners and suppliers, we have managed to reduce the use of plastic in the packaging of our orders by 40% and we aim to increase this percentage in the years to come.

History of Tolentino Watches

Founded in 2020

From the first drafts of 2015 our business idea is to create a watch with the best materials, the best technology support and the best workmanship, with a refined design that is both at the reach of an ever-increasing number of consumers. Inspired by the great high-end Swiss watchmakers, who have made the history of watchmaking with their creations, we have decided to direct our efforts and our commitment to make accessible a desirable and high quality product that perfectly combine style, quality and elegance of Made in Italy with the wisdom, tradition and technique of Swiss Made. The main purpose of Tolentino is to offer on the market a timepiece characterized by the high quality of components and performance, strictly Swiss Made, with a high-end style and design, ductile and versatile, a watch to be worn every day for which is not necessary to spend four zero figures, thus introducing on the market a type of watch that is missing today. In 2019 we went to Switzerland for Baselworld where we got to know several truths about purchasing drivers up close and above all we started strategic partnerships with what are now our Swiss suppliers. Following this fruitful experience, in 2020 Cesare Angrisani founded Tolentino® Watches. It tooks years of hard work, study and research to create a watch that met the high standard we set for ourselves and that lived up to the corporate mission without giving in to compromises. In August 2022 we successfully launched our pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter and officially presented our first collection "Undici/11". In December 2022 we started marketing our first limited and numbered edition watch model. In February 2023, the English magazine Oracle Time included Tolentino Undici/11 among the 5 recommended watches of the month and in the annual list of the best microbrands to buy for 2023. To date we have delivered Undici/11 all over the world, from the United States to Chile, from Germany to Israel, passing through half of Europe. As announced during the launch of the Tolentino Undici/11 during 2023 we have developed a new packaging made entirely from recycled materials which will be available for the next watch models. For 2024 we plan to present our new watch model, a moon phase we have been working on for some time.

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