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"RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" THE TRUTH: You don‘t need a mechanical watch. You can use your smartphone, easy. A mechanical watch is a little bit fallen out of time. Some might say anachronistic and obsolete. THE BEAUTY: For us, a mechanical watch is more than a very nice time piece. It is a beautiful instrument with which you can see the time at work. Maybe it is the most romantic tool you can buy. THE LOVE: We regard a mechanical watch as a talisman, which builds a bridge between the past and the future, telling you with a whispering voice: „Right here, right now“ - „Do it even with the fear you feel“. A love letter to the present, with all its options and wonders.

History of Ten Eleven Nine

Founded in 2019

01. THE IDEA An iconic WATCH, an elegant toolwatch - made in germany It all began with the quest of finding my perfect watch, or the perfect watch in my eyes at least. ... :-) I wanted to combine the subtle, sublime and minimal design of an elegant and timeless dress watch with the readability of a tool watch and the sturdiness of a dive watch. So far so overly ambitious it might seem. A reliable and perfect mechanical watch for any occasion, that will last a lifetime in best case. 02. WHO Hi, my name is Leif Henrik Osthoff and I’m a creative director/photographer (www.gutschera-osthoff.com) and the founder of TEN ELEVEN NINE, based in Berlin. I’m a great lover of mid-century design icons, rarities and architecture from the new international style to brutalism. Yet I do have a sweet spot for all the things combining a tool with an iconic design like f.e. an analog camera, a classic car, a bicycle, furniture or well, nice watch. Sometimes unexpected and surprising, but always true its’ own universe. For me, the dress watches and tool watches especially during the 50s-70s have something rather special, there is so much calmness and focus in the 50s dress watches and so much clean functionality in vintage tool watches that I personally miss within most of the recent watch designs. And as a result of not finding my personal “perfect watch” I decided to create the watch myself.

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