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With this success, it was time to name this new presentation of time. Time distilled to a single point needed a name distilled to its core. A singular point of time, a singularity, but who needs vowels? It was “SNGLRTY.” With SNGLRTY, Steve and Daniel hope to be a small footnote on the history of wristwatches, but more significantly bring perspective to time for those who own one of their iconic watches encouraging people to #seetimedifferently.

History of Snglrty Watch

Daniel and Steve had been struggling to come up with ideas for a watch for a while. It was too simple to ‘seek inspiration’ from classic watches, they had set their sights much higher. Their watch had to be different. It was not just a watch, they were on a path striving to realize their dream – a new life, a new business and perhaps a little legacy in the watch industry. The moment of epiphany was in a non-descript bar in Hong Kong but the story really started a few years prior.

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