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The main goal and philosophy of the brand is to create limited edition, quality mid-priced watches that do not require pre-ordering, waiting lists, or waiting for years. If a watch is in stock, you can buy it immediately. Taking care of customers who are passionate watch lovers is a priority for the brand.

History of Sergey Chutov

Founded in 2022

Through 2018, I worked as a Civil Judge in Moscow. Growing increasingly frustrated with the legal system I decided to change life's focus to follow my dream to become a watchmaker. I spent 4 years learning how to make watches and refining my skills. A little less than, I released my first model, the Fortress. The dial of the Fortress was designed to represent the style of a Fortress Tower, with the indicators resembling the observation windows for the tower guards. Inspired by other small independent watchmakers who had struck out on their own to build their own watches, I devoted myself to a new craft.

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