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Since its earliest years, the watchmaking world has represented the pinnacle of passion, creativity, and an appreciation for and dedication to the craft of mechanical timekeeping. These enduring principles also guide and propel Australian independent watch company, Second Hour. Founded early 2019 in Melbourne, Australia - a vibrant city known for its thriving creative community - Second Hour has rapidly earned a strong reputation, not just for their phenomenal timepieces, but their commitment to attentive service and becoming a trusted voice in the horological community. Husband and wife duo, Peter & Akira, bring to Second Hour a wealth of skills and experiences from vastly different arenas, to enrich Second Hour with something greater than the sum of its parts. Together they share their dreams and passions with a world for which many of the great innovations of the past have become victims of digital technology and throw away consumerism. Second Hour shuns the modern fetish for constant novelty by embracing the timeless arts of complex mechanical engineering and the sublime beauty finely crafted dials and hands , embracing the use of the finest materials and high-grade movements in every piece we bring to life. Peter is a former contractor in both government and corporate environments, working on technology and transformation projects, turning in midlife to teaching himself the art of watchmaking and manufacturing. Akira brings a wealth of experience and skills through studying and working in the fashion industry, paired with a strong desire for providing Second Hour customers a friendly and attentive customer experience. Since early 2019, the husband and wife duo have slowly and carefully built a collection of watches that embody those rich individual histories, that capture the imagination, and provide a platform for Peter’s midlife change of direction. Personal involvement in the complete process is of utmost importance to Second Hour, and we create and oversee the complete lifecycle of each model created: from in house design, to manufacturing, assembly and quality control. We deal directly with every part maker, performing site inspections to assess adherence to quality standards and ensuring what we produce excels without compromise. In this way we ensure every piece is worthy of your consideration and capable of meeting the rigours of long term wear. We spend quality time with suppliers of new and exotic materials in order to provide something truly beautiful and unique. As a result, Second Hour has gained recognition for its commitment to quality design and components and caring, attentive service.

History of Second Hour

Founded in 2019

Second Hour revealed its inaugural release, the Gin Clear MkII, in July / August 2019, launching soon after. Since then we have developed our design DNA and continued to release premium watches that stand apart for their unique design, quality that exceeds their price point, and comfort on wrist

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Peter - Sargison
Akira - Chounlamountry

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