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Sangin Instruments

Presentation of Sangin Instruments

Sangin Instruments’ watches are simple, functional, and reliable. Looking good no matter what the occasion. Each timepiece is designed, prototyped, tested and inspected in California. Purpose built timepieces by two people who are passionate about building the best tools possible. Spending our time as Marine Special Operations we found that everyday you had to be better than the last. We bring this same mind set to our timepieces. Every model and every timepiece must be better than the last. Our customers are our friends and peers, they deserve the best product possible.

History of Sangin Instruments

Founded in 2016

Named after the most kinetic area in Afghanistan, Sangin Instruments sets out to pay homage to the men and women who at a time when many people said, "not me" said, "send me." These men and women came from all races, religions, and walks of life. They set aside cultural differences, put it all on the line and made their country proud. They include American, British, Canadian, Estonian and Danish forces. Here’s to the men and women who are unlike any others.

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Sangin Instruments official website https://sangininstruments.com
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