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Presentation of RVLVR

Our mission was to make a watch that was simple, precise, and built to last. Based on this idea, we carefully chose every aspect of the watch with purpose. Our timepieces are designed around the look of a revolver, to constantly remind us that time is our most precious resource. Our goal is simple- to provide you the ultimate, affordable, all-original watch. A watch that is unique, beautiful, and inspiring at the same time.

History of RVLVR

Rvlvr is a brand which was formed out of inspiration. The revolver signifies many things, but most importantly is a representation of our finite lives, as it embodies our absolute mortality. Our timepieces serve as a memento mori, as it is our ultimate responsibility to “pluck the day” and make the very best of our perpetually decreasing moments.

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Dan - Uchida

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