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“Our vision is to be able to take the mesmerising beauty of space and the universe we reside in, and add this to our unique wrist watches.” Founder Adam Marshall has always been fascinated by space and the universe, its sheer magnitude, the complexity of it all, and the way each time we look up at the sky we see something different. This coupled with the love of all things watches, the movements, craftsmanship and the stunning designs is what created the need to bring Quasar Watches to life, and so fittingly came our saying, “By watch lovers, For watch lovers”. We foster a great relationship with our community and two-way communication is a fundamental for us. We listen and collaborate with our community to create incredible and exciting watches, with premium movements at a price which doesn’t break the bank.

History of Quasar Watches

Founded in 2022

Quasar Watches was formed in 2022. Previous to this we spent 1.5 years working on our initial designs, we officially launched with the Starlight Automatic in 2023 and have had great success with many happy customers around the world!

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