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PEQUIGNET: THE ART OF TIME A unique French Haute Horlogerie manufacturer, Pequignet has been designing and making watches for free-minded and independent spirits for 50 years. It embodies a French vision of time, the one we dare to offer or the one we free ourselves from. Wearing a Pequignet watch means asserting your freedom and proudly displaying the heritage and know-how of a Jura-based manufacturer that designs exceptional calibres. Pequignet has its own special way of offering access to uninhibited Haute Horlogerie.

History of Pequignet

Founded in 1973

Located in Morteau, in the Jura, Pequignet has been perpetuating French watchmaking know-how since 1973. Pequignet is one of the only truly independent French Manufactures de Haute Horlogerie. This gives it real freedom in terms of creative choices and production. Self-taught, Emile Péquignet began his career as a craftsman. Pioneering and innovative, in the 1960s, he was one of the first to propose a new watchmaking aesthetic combining love of beautiful design and advanced technical quality.. Overcoming the quartz crisis which, in the 1970s, led to the closure of several French watchmakers, Pequignet built itself independently by developing a French watchmaking art that combines aesthetics and innovation. In the 2000s, after a career in making French timepieces, Emile Péquignet handed over to Didier Leibundgut, who came from a watchmaking line in the region. Subsequent takeovers by former executives and, more recently, by the family-owned ethical investment fund, Enowe, have not distracted the company from its goal: to promote French fine watchmaking. By inaugurating its own Haute Horlogerie laboratory in 2008, Pequignet constantly defends an exceptional French watch industry. With highly talented watchmaking engineers with access to cutting-edge technology, Manufacture Pequignet opened in 2010. It designs and manufactures its movements in-house. Less than a year later, the Calibre Royal, fitted on the watches of the Royale collection, was launched. It was followed in 2017 by its simplified version, the Calibre Royal Manuel.

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