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Presentation of Pedral Watches

The brand ethos is simple yet profound: to defy norms and blur the boundaries between function, art, and self-expression. Our design philosophy is not about being merely experimental; it’s about creating a boundary-breaking design language that remains unequivocally recognisable and eye-catching products that invites immediate comparison with the best in the industry. Each model in our collection radiates an audacious retro-futurism, balanced by minimalist elegance— a nod to the rich essence of understated Swedish design. The vibrant colour palettes of the dial echo the diversity of cultures and places across the globe, shaping timepieces that are as captivating as they are reliable.

History of Pedral Watches

Founded in 2017

The story of pedral is a bit different from what you might expect. It’s not about ancient watches handed down for generations or skills perfected in prestigious schools. It starts with a dreamer, Kevin, the heart and soul behind Pedral, who faced the door of rejection from a prestigious Swedish watchmaking institution. Instead of seeing this as a setback, Kevin saw it as a calling. With a determination as relentless as the ticking of a clock, he made a vow: ”If they won’t accept me, so be it. I’ll create my own path.” And with that, Pedral came to life—not merely as a brand, but as a testament to perseverance, creativity, and the unwavering conviction that the only true barriers are the ones we set for ourselves. Pedral stands as a beacon for all who dare to dream big and refuse to be confined by the expectations of others.

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