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WORKING HARDER Newmark. A name that echoes throughout the history of British watchmaking. Reignited in recent years to pay homage to our roots, whilst also revitalising and recreating the passion and style that made our brand so popular in the past. Our mission is to provide hard working, wearable timepieces that will leave you proud to own them and keen to show them off. Newmark Watches, Inspired by you, since 1875.

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YESTERDAY Origins shrouded in mystery, the Newmark name has adorned timepieces since the late 1800’s. Whether it was on the wrists (or in the pockets) of the everyday Victorian gent with our Torpedo pocket watch, or soaring at 30,000ft alongside Royal Airforce pilots in the 1970s and 1980s, our history is something we’re incredible proud of and still seek inspiration from every single day. TODAY Reignited and pulled back from the brink of the history books in 2018, the Newmark of today is back with a passion and drive unmatched. We’ve taken inspiration from our extensive history to continue providing beautiful, hard wearing, honest timepieces that make you proud to own them, and keen to show them off. Discover the Newmark 6BB Chronograph, 71 Sports & 52 Field in our store today. TOMORROW Whilst we cannot predict the future, we’re keen to ensure that the world of tomorrow continues to keep track of time with Newmark. Our vision is to see in the future by combining the timeless stylings of classic watch design with the latest technological advances in horology, ensuring that Newmark remains both at the forefront of watch design and yet never sacrificing on our commitment to quality and authenticity.

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