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Presentation of Monbrey

MONBREY is a watch brand founded by two Hong Kong-based industrial designers, Henry Kwong and Austin Lee. They embarked on the watch industry pilgrimage for the past two decades. With their extensive watch design and development experience, they decided to implement their conceived idea and precipitate this project from their accumulated knowledge. While they were hesitant about making another "new" vintage watch, they were caught by the angular aesthetic of Cybertruck. They noticed that the wedge theme could be traced to the '70s wedge era design. Taking inspiration from the past is not new, but the intriguing design similarity came across the past and the future. Angular aesthetics and devoid of curves characterized the Wedge Era in car design. Their minds ventured into a realm of possibilities, envisioning a fresh design dimension inspired by blending the ingenuity of the greatest past watchmakers with the wedge era design. A different design dimension constitutes by the same old past.

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