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Presentation of MatterHorn

A London Based Brand, Inspired by British Adventurers that raced to Ascend the Beautiful Mountain, Matterhorn. It lies on the border of it Italy and Switzerland and often considered the most beautiful in the world. At the base is a small picturesque town, Zermatt. Known for its long history of great watchmaking, combined with great British Exploration's history, our branding inspiration came from and is dedicated to these great British explorers, mountaineers & adventurers. While we are not Swiss Made, It is a goal we would love to reach for in the future. In 1865, in the Era of The Golden Age of Alpinism, two British explorers raced to become the first to ascend the Matterhorn. For Years, Edward Whymper, and John Tyndall, both highly educated Englishmen, engaged in a race to reach the peak of the Matterhorn. On 14th July 1865, after 7 attempts, Whymper ( pictured on the left), and his team were the first to Ascend the Matterhorn.

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MatterHorn official website https://www.matterhornwatchco.com
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