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Presentation of Marloe

TIME WELL SPENT Our mechanical watches are testament to that. We don’t rush them. They’re the product of doing things as expertly as possible, not as fast as possible. It takes inspiration, craftsmanship and patience to make a beautiful mechanical watch. We put those same qualities into everything we do, from meticulous design research to lifetime customer service. When you first unbox your Marloe watch and feel its heart ticking in your hand, we think you’ll agree that it’s well worth waiting for. We know the value of time. We know how fast it can speed by, and how easy it can be to fritter away. In an age where everything is instant and disposable, we want to create something enduring: a Marloe watch isn’t just about keeping time, it’s about spending it well. We hope that wherever your Marloe watch takes you, and whatever adventures you share, it’s Time Well Spent. OUR VALUES We take time to do things properly. We focus on craft and attention to detail. We never rush what we do. We put customers first. We deliver personal customer service tailored to each individual. Every aspect of buying and owning a Marloe watch is designed to exceed expectations. We are inspired by human stories. We celebrate the endeavours of people who make a lasting impression on the world. The adventurers, craftsmen and visionaries who remind us of what purposeful human beings are capable of. Honesty and integrity are in everything we do. We never overclaim. We’re transparent about every part of our business and we always strive to do the right thing. We aim to leave a legacy. We want to make our mark on the world. We create watches that will be loved by future generations, and we’ve built a business based on long-term, sustainable growth.

History of Marloe

Founded in 2015

In 2015, being the inquisitive type, Oliver decided to replace the dead battery in his fairly pricey, branded watch. When he opened it up however, he discovered a disappointing reality. Staring back at him was a hollow case with an underwhelming, plastic quartz movement inside. The watch felt heartless and Oliver was sure he could make something better. He went in search of a partner and soon met Gordon, an industrial designer who shared his passion for doing things properly. Oliver and Gordon agreed on a plan to create a well-designed, beautifully engineered watch, with a mechanical beating heart, for the price of a high street fashion watch. Within 12 months, the first mechanical Marloe watch was sold and Marloe Watch Company was born. In the years since we’ve grown and evolved and are proud of the reputation we’ve built in the flourishing British watch industry. Our name is inspired by Oliver’s hometown of Marlow on the banks of the River Thames, however, we’re based in Gordon’s homeland of Scotland - on the banks of Loch Leven in Kinross.

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Oliver - Goffe
Gordon - Fraser

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