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Magrette Timepieces

Presentation of Magrette Timepieces

We aspire to bring the personal touch into all the timepieces we create. We only produce restricted batches so we can focus on creating quality product for our customers.

History of Magrette Timepieces

The MAGRETTE story began while I was working as Managing Director of a Creative Agency. I was busy working on designs for a French-Canadian watch company when the inkling of an idea was born… why not build my own watch brand? The first thing I had to do was conceive of my brand. What were to be its design features and principles? What allusions and associations would my brand suggest? How could I capture my vision in a name? I was thinking of an older world and the stories in the lines on the faces of elderly people. I imagined black Italian suits and stark white shirts. I saw cobblestone roads and the well worn buildings of days gone by…the simplicity of the past. These images were to inform my vision of a timepiece that wouldn‘t be influenced by trends, but something that was time tested and true. Indeed, something that might still be stylish when our grandkids are all growing up. Oneday by chance, I glimpsed a name that spoke these words to me - Mysterious, Alluring, Old World, Strong – that name was MAGRETTE (pron. Mar-gret-tee).

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Dion Wynyard
Dion Wynyard - McAsey

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