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In the current world of micro brand horology, we are inundated with a bevy of dive watches and military watches; some of which are blessed with interesting designs with a mix of materials such as ceramics and bronzes instead of the normal stainless steel cases. However, the look of the watches are still overwhelmingly “me too” concept. Not many watch brands out there can clearly come up with unique designs that make their timepiece stand out and be recognized as truly “unique”. Coming out with a unique way to tell time is like trying to reinvent the wheel but certain Swiss brands do spring to mind but most of these brands are way out of reach to mere mortals like you and me. However, once in a blue moon (pun intended), a micro brand manages to design a watch that is truly unique and not just a 3 handed watch inside a standard watch case!

History of Kaal Watch

Kaal Watch which is born in sunny Singapore and founded by 3 experienced industry names in the world of horology - Alvin Lye who is one half of the avant-garde Azimuth Watch Works brand with iconic designs like Mr. Roboto, The Spaceship just to name but a few, Jessie Yeo who is also the better half of Alvin Lye, is also the co-owner of watch brand Trifoglio Italia that gave you such pieces like the Radio City, Millimetro and Veloce. Rounding off this fantastic trio is Alvin Lew who has spent years in the watch industry being an active watch blogger and reviewer at Micro Brand Watch World and an avid collector of watches. Why "KAAL" ? The word KAAL means “Time” in Sanskrit and embodies the fascination the 3 founders have in creating a piece of wearable art that also happen to tell time! With Alvin Lye’s background in the world of haute-horology, it is no wonder that KAAL Watch also refuses to just be another “me too” watch company. Our brand logo was inspired by the meaning of KAAL itself and that is how the idea of the "K" logo was designed which is represented by the second, minute and hour hand that tells time.

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