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Any journey starts with a first step, a footprint left on earth. The same divine footprint that, according to the legend, gave birth and traced the border of Sardinia in the blue Mediterranean Sea. Ancient land with traditions left by our ancestors, with its millenary stones defining the boundaries of the territory cradle of the first community: the Nuraghis. ICHNOS Watches birth is an homage to the courage, bravery and intelligence of this old civilization, therefore a symbol of technical strength and resilience throughout time. Nuraxi di Barumini is the start of ICHNOS Watches odyssey towards its first direction: the turquoise color of the Sardinian Sea. We are ready to leave our first footprint or better said “wristprint”.

History of Ichnos Watches

Pierpaolo Cassoni is a young entrepreneur and inventor of ICHNOS watches Since childhood, he has been passionate of watches paying particular attention to their history, technology, and functionality. He realized over time that “cult” watches were essentially driven by financial groups using strong marketing capabilities. This led him to focus on the microbrand market. In 2014, Pierpaolo created Undersea Time, a Youtube channel, dedicated specifically to watches resistant to seawater corrosiveness and pressure. The channel covers a wide range of microbrands fitting this criterion and difficult to find in classic distribution channels. This is a unique social media Italian product. As the quantity of watches received, researched and analyzed increased, Pierpaolo realized that all the watches going through his hands including those considered perfect, could be optimized through either addition, deletion, or modifications. As of this moment Pierpaolo decides to create his own micro brand watches incorporating his experience of analyzing a myriad of high-quality watches. Pierpaolo began dreaming of a brand linked to Sardinia, his birthplace and home with all its history both on land and at sea, millenary and contemporary, a brand capable of taking the succession of the sport and technical watch while preserving the elegance of the golden years of the pioneers of traditional watches. The project took off when Alessandro Mariani, a young successful Italian entrepreneur and follower of Undersea Time, showed interest in investing in this Pierpaolo’s initiative. Together, they created ICHNOS Watches, a brand with strong roots from the past and a vision oriented to the future, a name inspired from the antique Greek word given to the Sardinian people.

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