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At the heart of the HTD spirit is the desire to bring fun back into the lives of watch and mechanical enthusiasts. Everyday instruments that take us out of the monotony of the usual certainties. Joy and boredom are similar words, but boy, do they stand for something different! HTD stands for Horological Tools Department. We don't make watches, we make tools. And so we bring back to life the spirit of the last century, the crazy one, which characterized motor racing on the edge of legality, exploring the depths of the sea and the good life away from the racetracks, poolside, or aboard hulls riding the waves. Let's give watches back their true use as instruments. ​ The Dolce Vita for HTD cannot fail to be accompanied by crazy rides; the medium is not that important, whether on wheels, sail, or some kind of propeller. As long as there is action and speed, we are on board.

History of HTD

Founded in 2020

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Federico - Del Guerra
Federico - Zulian

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HTD official website https://www.htdwatchinstruments.com
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