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A Watch that Doesn’t Compromise on Quality The Horon ethos is to never compromise on quality, always striving to deliver the best possible end product that our customers will treasure, feeling immense satisfaction every time they put their Horon watch on. To that end, the Horon brand only uses the very best possible materials with Swiss automatic movement because it delivers ultimate performance. Our brand also places high importance on presentation and finish – as should be expected when purchasing a great product. This gives peace of mind that Horon is always about buying the best. A Watch for Every Occasion The eye-catching collection of Horon affordable mechanical watches was also created to deliver functional and stylish timepieces suitable for any occasion, giving anyone who put one on the freedom to express themselves. A Watch for Trend-Setters Horon watches are for free-thinkers, trend-setters and passionate people, a superb combination of sleek and handsome functional design inspired by the vibrancy of the world we live in. Owning a Horon watch means wearing a showpiece that can be used every day, for any occasion - functional, modern fashion with a little extra imagination!

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Founded in 2021

The Horon brand was named in honour of the word “Horology” which means the measurement of time as well as the complex and beautiful art of watch making. A Lifelong Fascination for Watches We are Percy and Kenrick, the founders of Horon. – our biggest passion. Childhood friends, both of us have enjoyed a lifelong watch obsession, along with a fascination for the intricacies of how their mechanical design works, especially the luxury brands. Those time-pieces that ooze high quality, spectacular design and obvious sophistication. They were unaffordable to us but stylishly sleek and we dreamt of owning them, admiring them from afar. We believed there was a distinct gap in the watch market for a brand that spoke volumes, looked as good as the premium watch brands but was still affordable, excellent quality and accessible to everyone. Providing people unique,quality design watches with elegant style became our goal. That was the inspiration behind Horon.

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