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History of Horage

Founded in 2007

HORAGE (the H is silent) is a combination of two words – HORA, latin for hour and AGE, an English reference of time, whether it be the past, present or future. Like the Latin word Hora, the H is silent, so it’s pronounced “orage.” Headquartered in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, the company originated in 2007 when husband and wife founders Andreas Felsl and Tzuyu Huang began discussing a new watch brand. Tzuyu had already established a successful OEM sourcing firm in Biel/Bienne that served many watch brands. Success was dependent on the success of those brands, however, and to become truly independent, a new brand would have to be formed. Following Omnium’s debut at Basel World in 2009 and Jonas-K1 in 2015, HORAGE established itself as a true independent Swiss watchmaker. Engineering, sourcing, logistics, design, production and marketing are all in-house today, but also supported remotely from members of our team the world over. Designing/engineering a watch movement is among the most difficult of watchmaking ventures. For a production level surpassing manufacture movements, it takes anywhere from 7 to 10 years to go from concept to production models. Once you get there, however, you can significantly decrease that timeline for future projects. In 2009, we decided to put everything on hold and begin the process of developing our own movement, the K1 automatic. Stephen Kussmaul, former Eterna engineer, took on the challenge and following three years of development, he passed the torch to Jonas Nydegger and Florian Serex to carry it to the finish line. In 2015, the first HORAGE watch designed and engineered at our home in Biel/Bienne was launched on Kickstarter with the name Jonas-K1. The watch soon evolved into the Array, featuring centre seconds, a power reserve indicator and big date. The Jonas was actually our second watch, following Omnium that debuted in 2009 at Basel World. At that time Omnium featured an outsourced movement. This outsourced movement was the catalyst for us to dig our heals in and take on the seemingly insane idea of developing our very own base caliber from the ground up. 7 years later Omnium would be retrofitted with our K1 movement. Additional models would make use of K1, those being Autark and Solar Wind, and Multiply became our first configurable watch as we leveraged the modularity of the K1, thus making Multiply our second successful Kickstarter launch. These projects provided invaluable knowledge and R&D to develop new movements like the K-TOU tourbillon and K2 micro-rotor, and the mature K1 is now on its 10th version. The investment we started in 2009 in designing and engineering the K1 has created a solid foundation for HORAGE to build upwards. And as we look forward our sights are firmly set on performance watchmaking.

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Horage official website https://www.horage.com
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