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Presentation of Hesili New York

The brand was created with the objective of serving stylish men through high quality and affordable Swiss made watches. The first collection is called The Original Series One to emphasize that this collection is neither an homage, nor a copy, but a unique design born out of a love for watches and a passion for style.

History of Hesili New York

Founded in 2021

Back in the summer of 2018, a watch enthusiast from Brooklyn, New York enchanted by timeless watches and influenced by the New York style, began a journey to design a neo-vintage dress watch. The mission was clear. Design a watch that is versatile, elegant and a true style booster. A timepiece with a vintage aesthetic, yet modern presence on the wrist. It also needed to be Swiss crafted in order to truly achieve maximum quality and value. Seeking inspiration and guidance to help pave the way, he found himself in a cozy neighborhood boutique called The Brooklyn Watch Shop. There, he met with a fellow watch enthusiast who was also the owner, creator and name behind his own successful brand - Carpenter Watches. After sharing his aspirations, and the exchange of their mutual interests over two cold ones, Mr. Carpenter agreed to become the mentor and design consultant to the aspiring entrepreneur. The next few years would then consist of routine meetings with Swiss suppliers, design iterations, and several prototypes. Fast-forward to the summer of 2021, HESILI watches was born.

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