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About us As watch consumers, we at Hemel are always looking for classic pieces. And as creatives, we're always inspired by the details that make these watches so timeless. So putting our passion for collecting and our passion for designing together was just a completely natural progression for us. Our goal with Hemel is to construct a physical narrative framed by the visual cues of actual, historical timepieces. A simple and elegant sort of story that we can wear on our person. And unlike a smartwatch which will eventually become obsolete in a few years, a mechanical watch becomes an instant heirloom. Hemel is our opportunity to bring a physical product to market and that can contribute to the wider conversation of watch appreciation. It's a brand that creates timeless styles and non-compromising value. Gentlemen, it's time to upgrade your wrist.

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Marvin - Menke

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Hemel official website https://www.hemelwatches.com
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