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Presentation of Hager

Hager Watches: An American Brand Hager [Hah•ger] Hager Watches was started in 2009 with the idea of creating an automatic watch at an affordable price with the highest quality possible. Our new Professional Series doesn't compromise despite the fact that they sell for less than half the cost in a market where prices often reach the thousands for a luxury tool watch. These days everyone talks about quality and value, let us show you - not tell you what real quality and value is. “Materials matter, and they can make the difference between a watch you wear for now and a watch you own forever.” Just as in nature, form follows function in watch design, but naturally, a watch is also about appearance – and style is something our watches have plenty of. A watch isn’t a status symbol anymore—it’s style symbol. A modern watch, like a modern wardrobe, is one that combines the best of the old and the new in unexpected, highly individualized ways. It’s about taste not tradition. Tradition is a great inspiration. As long as we keep reinventing it. While its clear that we’ve looked to the past to create the professional series, it is clearly a modern approach that represents a truly legitimate and interesting alternatives for aficionados looking for something other than the ubiquitous. What is extraordinary about Hager is that we are one of the few brands that completely transcends price category, regardless of demographic and age. Our watches bridge the past with the future, a stepping-stone between old and new. Our timepieces have participated in real action and have real stories behind them. Many brands claim some sort of military provenance in their history, however ours was born in a warzone! Our timepieces are fresh, energetic and highly contemporary in appeal. These are features which reveal timepieces that are very much their own master and over time when comparisons fade they will hold their own in the world. Refined tool watches with a lifestyle twist.

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Hager official website https://www.hagerwatches.com
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