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CUSTOM MADE AND UNIQUE! Fully customizable high tech mechanical dive watches, that are tailor-made and built to the customer’s own and exacting specifications. Making them as individual as you are! The use of unique and exotic materials the likes of which the watch industry has yet to see. An industry first! CUSTOMIZATION is EVERYTHING! Unlike anyone else in the field of dive watches with the sheer flexibility and versatility of their customizable watches; H2O give you a whole new experience in self customization. We offer handmade exotic materials, such as Mokume Gane, Damascus Steel, combinations of Stainless Steel and Titanium, allowing H2O to create one of a kind watches. All H2O watches created from handmade materials are in every single aspect unique and extremely rare as real workmanship is involved in the welding and forging of each metal blocks used for the construction of our cases and components. This naturally limits our production quantity ensuring even more exclusivity for our customers. Creating individual customer configured watches with exceptional customer service is our vision

History of H2O Watch

Founded in 2011

2011: Founding H2O watch The fact that H2O has no watch building history or traditions can be turned to our advantage; allowing us to develop products according to the requirements of our customers, regardless of any past design philosophies or traditions. We will bring fresh ideas, creative designs and exciting and exotic case and dial materials into the watch market. Our first product, the customizable H2O Kalmar with its fully interchangeable case parts such as bezels, crown guards and case backs, allows our customers to create their own unique watch configuration letting them modify the original design by interchanging watch parts even after purchase.

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