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Founded in 2013 as an independent brand, Gruppo Gamma has been designing and building vintage-inspired tool watches that are easy to read, fuss-free to operate and good enough for daily adventures. Some mainstream brands repeat the same designs over and over and set prices that don't make sense, all in the name of heritage. Some fashion brands resort to fabricated stories, glossy advertising and swanky shop fronts to attract customers. We believe that good design can and should evolve over time, and it's possible to build fine timepieces and dispense with unnecessary overheads and fanciful stories. As a watch enthusiast, you expect your timepiece to be tough and yet refined, and would recognise and appreciate the ​use of the best materials for your timepiece. ​​Our manufacturing partners are in the business of building high-end pieces for luxury brands. We're equipped with a service center and a network of reputable authorised dealers, and we keep production volume manageable so that we can always stay engaged with our customers.

History of Gruppo Gamma

Founded in 2013

Defiantly non-mainstream, our brand name was inspired by the Italian frogmen unit of the same code name, that was first put to action in 1940 and was the first modern naval diver unit. For underwater operations the divers were issued timekeeping instruments - tool watches - repurposed from pocket watches, worn on the wrist using leather straps. We have, in a short span of time, grown into a brand that's appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts.​ Within months of our brand's creation our customers created an online owners' club. Today, this community comprises customers, supporters and dealers from all over the world.

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