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Presentation of Grip Auto Timepieces

Driven by our passion for design and cars, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We created Grip Auto timepieces to bring a unique style to the market, resulting in a collection of timepieces that seamlessly blend automotive aesthetics with precision craftsmanship. These timepieces cater specifically to enthusiasts like us, providing a solution that was sorely lacking. Moreover, Grip Auto timepieces are designed to last a lifetime, making them ideal for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and milestone birthdays. They blend affordability and timelessness to be handed down to the next generations. The problem with most watches on the market is they make people feel inadequate (leave them wanting). It can be hard to find something that stands out and often it’s easier to settle for something inferior. However, we believe you shouldn’t have to lower your standards. If you are passionate about who you are and how you look, then we get you. And if you want your timepiece to feel like an extension of your car, then we get you. There’s no better feeling than rewarding yourself with something that represents you in a way that people notice. It’s not just about putting on a timepiece, it’s about feeling and looking like a better version of you. Most watches on the market feel a bit old-fashioned. They are just copycats of something unsatisfactory. Grip Auto is answering this problem with high-quality timepieces designed specifically for people who love fast cars.

History of Grip Auto Timepieces

Founded in 2016

Surrounded by family involved in engineering, textiles, automotive industries, and even professional rally motorsport, I have an ingrained passion for cars and design. Since childhood, I wanted to be a car designer, and today I enjoy customising or restoring cars in my spare time. The same can be said for watches, I have always been intrigued by them in the same way as my love for cars, collecting watches from a young age. The idea for Grip Auto came about when I, a car enthusiast, was shopping for a driver's watch, and was quick to discover that finding a quality watch in this style was not a simple task as most watch brands didn’t cater for this genre. When I did find them, they were quite expensive or near unobtainable. In considering the number of enthusiasts that exist versus whether they can afford these genres of watches or even obtain them, there was an imbalance. I wanted to have a watch(es) that matched my lifestyle and passion for cars. With a bit more research I soon discovered microbrands and was quick to learn behind these newly existing microbrands were mostly individuals who were simply passionate about watches and creating their own unique timepieces. There and then I went down the rabbit hole and knew this was what I wanted to do. Having a passion for design and cars, I decided to create a concept of my ideal watch and designed several sketches for fun. And I was hooked. Here was a timepiece designed for niche groups of enthusiasts. Offering a sense of exclusivity that the average person will look at curiously wanting to know what they're wearing. Utilising high-quality components and materials, striking designs and affordability. At Grip Auto the customer is the hero, we are a brand created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We don’t just sell watches; we are a lifestyle.

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