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Fathers Watches

Presentation of Fathers Watches

A watch that over the years acquires a unique and inestimable value. We have selected the most resistant materials, because your greatest aspiration will be to pass it on. The identity of Fathers® is engraved in every detail.

History of Fathers Watches

Inspired by the scene of his father holding his son in his arms, Luigi begins to think about wanting to create something that will endure over time, something that can last forever, with the desire that that very special moment between his father and his son would never end. After a quick phone-call to Matteo, they decide to start thinking about their first watch, which would be a diver and would be called Horizon, like the one that you can enjoy at the seaside on summer days. In addition to their deep and honest friendship, they understand that they are also ofnited by their boundless love for their children. So they decide that "Fathers" would become the name of their brand. Today Fathers® is an italian company that produces watches in Switzerland ofhigh quality, unique pieces with an original and refined design in each component.

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Matteo - Franchina
Luigi - Generali

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Fathers Watches official website https://www.fatherswatches.com
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