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DEFINE YOUR TIME At Farr + Swit, we know that time is more than just a number. We measure time not by the hands on our watch, but the moments we make. That’s why we aim to make quality watches that do more than just track your steps or connect to your smartphone. We believe that a quality watch doesn’t need to be updated or re-charged. The true mark of a fine timepiece is one that lets you define and capture the time that matters most to you. WHO WE ARE We are watch guys. We love the way that a quality watch has a way of capturing and collecting the most memorable moments in our life. And for us, most of those moments coincide with our love of travel. Farr + Swit was formed out of our desire to create quality time pieces that can serve as memento of the many adventures of life – whether it’s pitching investors in the boardroom or enjoying a sunset and scotch on the beach. ​ Our timepieces are born out of our passion for first-rate craftsmanship that spans generations. Made with the highest quality materials and a meticulous eye for design, we utilize workhorse movements and hand build our watches in the USA.

History of Farr Swit

Founded in 2018


Main characteristics

    Assembled in the US
    Swiss movements
    Solar movements
    Lume Dials
    1980s Synthwave


Adam - Farrand Hodge
Andrew - Paetzold
Zach - Switalski

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Farr Swit official website https://www.farrandswit.com
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