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EPOS offers high-quality mechanical watches with interesting functions but still at an affordable price. Finished with loving care, according to the traditional Swiss watchmakers’ heritage, they deserve to be called „Artistry in Watchmaking“.

History of Epos

Founded in 1925

The roots of the EPOS Company date back to 1925. In that year, James Aubert founded the watch company James Aubert SA in the Vallée de Joux, well known as the center of the mechanical watch world. James Aubert was an enthusiastic mechanical watch engineer, who dedicated his life to developing new watch mechanisms. He was a master of his art and spent most of his efforts focusing on technical developments of chronographs and minute repeaters. In the true watchmakers’ tradition, he handed down his knowledge to his son-in-law, Jean Fillon, who then became the leading watch maker for EPOS for many years. Jean Fillon was the origin of stunning EPOS innovations that have made this brand so unique. In his workshop many of EPOS’ own developments of complications were created, such as a Jumping Hour and a Regulator modification. In the early 2000s, Peter Hofer looked for successors who shared his passion for mechanical watches. He finally found them in the Chonge-Forster family, a family with deep roots in the Swiss watch industry: Ursula Forster, who became the new president of the company, stems from a Swiss watchmakers’ family. Her husband Tamdi, who took over as CEO, has been working as a top manager in the Swiss watch industry for many years. Together they took over from Peter Hofer in 2002 and have ever since developed the brand EPOS, broadening the product portfolio and expanding internationally. Building up on the long heritage and knowledge embedded in the company, they have always focused on creating highly sophisticated mechanical masterpieces at affordable prices, staying true to the company slogan: Artistry in Watchmaking. In the early 80s, the success story of the traditional Swiss watch came to a standstill. The new quartz technology radically changed the face of the watch industry. Nobody wanted to produce mechanical watches any longer, with the notable exception of a few luxury brands. Peter Hofer, a long-established expert in Swiss watchmaking, was one of the few who still believed in the future of the mechanical watch. With this vision, he and his wife Erna decided to form their own company in 1983: Montres EPOS SA. Their main assets were a passion for mechanical watches and the technical know-how needed to create mechanical masterpieces. Personal contacts with key people in Swiss watch industry, as well as a vast knowledge of the global watch market, enabled Peter Hofer to fruitfully develop his own brand. From the very beginning, Hofer was supported by Jean Fillon who was the driving force behind many of the interesting EPOS innovations. For 20 years, Hofer remained faithful to his vision, developing stunning collections incorporating fascinating mechanisms, always in close cooperation with Jean Fillon.

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