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Echo Neutra

Presentation of Echo Neutra

echo/neutra is the embodiment of the sheer excitement I feel every time I observe and use objects that were imagined, designed and built to last. The quality, the attentive craftsmanship, the durability of the materials, the timelessness of the design: these are hard to miss. But it’s really the creative brilliance or “soul” that draw that sense of awe: architecture of enduring proportions and balance, unaffected by the passage of time; iconic furniture and items whose durability and functionality spell out a design’s character and create a style. echo/neutra is the embodiment of the sheer excitement I feel from using certain objects every day, from wearing them without taking their beauty for granted, as if for the first time every time, fully giving in to their magnetic appeal and the pleasure, charm, passion and love that they stir in me. echo/neutra is our commitment to create a line of products that can inspire these emotions, starting off from reliable materials, moulding and assembling them into objects with which you establish an emotional bond, a deep and intimate connection, becoming a valuable part of your life. We stand for beauty beyond trends and profoundly value durability that stems not only from the use of reliable, quality materials but mostly from a product’s ability to dissociate from today’s “throwaway” culture. A product is not just “another thing” but an object that can renew its energy so that each day, year after year, it re-becomes part of our everyday lives. In this consumerist society, products that only have a seasonal appeal are being pushed on us, making us fall “out of love” with what we buy and manufacturers value durability only as a marketing gimmick, intentionally designing products with a shorter lifetime through “planned obsolescence”. We choose another path. We want to inspire people to fall “in love” with their things. We are for “EMOTIONAL DURABILITY”, a fresh approach to ecology and sustainability, an emotional sustainability.

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