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A true watch atelier Being tightly connected to the sailing culture of the Swedish west coast, we strive to create watches that match both the harsh climate out at sea and the more formal environment once docked in the marina. Watches with the sole focus on versatility and durability. Many of our models are processed and formed in-house and together with local partners in Göteborg. Several of our steel components never leave Sweden before delivery to the end-customer, which has been made possible thanks to our never-ending strive to gather competence, machines and tools on-site. Your watch is meant to be used – Always All E.C.Andersson watches are equipped with reliable mechanical movements and are approved for minimum 100-meter water resistance, featuring sapphire crystals, screw-down crowns and at least one weatherproof strap option. Since we’re producing many parts ourselves, most can be reproduced for service. All service is executed in-house to achieve consistent quality and longevity. The Scandinavian design philosophy The Scandinavian way of design is clean, sophisticated, functional and durable. E.C.Andersson Watch Co. has embodied the Scandinavian design language, not by studying it, but as a given natural course. Having its head office in Gothenburg, E.C.Andersson Watch Co. is based in the centre of Scandinavia, surrounded by the natural beauty of the northern climate. The salty ocean winds constantly reminding us of the relentless Northern Sea, pushing its waves up Sweden’s rocky shores, and the breathing pine forests, howling of natural wildlife.

History of EC Andersson Watch Company

Founded in 2019

Aside from our competent partners, who are new for 2019, we are two people in the core business working at the E.C.Andersson Watch Co office in Gothenburg. Childhood friends and life-long watch enthusiasts

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Erik C
Erik C - Andersson
Wictor - Kanerva

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