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"The watches I chose to make are inspired by the most striking timepieces in my collection. Those classics are not only beautiful, but they also changed what a wristwatch can be; they were daring for their time, left a mark on watchmaking, and continue to be admired today. The model's names were inspired by the design of its time.”

History of Dan Henry

Collecting has always been a big part of me; as far as I can remember the longing for the missing piece has been there. It all started in my childhood with shells, rocks, magnets, and anything that glows. What drew me to these objects was the fact they worked on their own, each offered something distinctively unique and intriguing. When I got a Roskopf pocket watch on my 10th birthday, many nights were spent analyzing, polishing and admiring its mechanical engineering. I could not reconcile its perpetual motion; how could it work without batteries, fuel or electricity? This single object was the starting point of my passion for watches. From then on, I set out to find the watches that would appeal to me, thrill me, challenge me. And I was lucky to find plenty of them, gradually building a meaningful collection. Those watches formed an eclectic collection, on their own I find every single one remarkable, and I love the story each carry.

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