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Switzerland is a synonym of unsurpassed quality when it comes to the watches and clocks industry, as Swiss watchmakers are widely known for their artistry, inventiveness and pursuit of perfection. While some manufacturers provide full-cycle solutions, others are involved in a particular production stage, such as designing, manufacturing or assembling. During the past two centuries countless Swiss watch companies have entered and disappeared from the watch market. Some of those brands are still ‘alive’, but most of them are ‘extinct’ and undeservedly forgotten. Buser is one of the brightest representatives of the neglected watch generation, but in vain. Buser Freres & Cie SA (Buser) is a Switzerland-based family-owned watch business with an engaging and complicated century-long story. Its registered trademark can be easily recognized by capital ‘B’ within a triangle. Being a designer and in-house producer of select components and ebauches (unassembled or incomplete watch movements), Buser created over 20 calibers for hand-wound and automatic watches, including early cylinder and lever movements, chronometer-grade calibers and open face hunting movements. The Buser movements were well regarded and employed by Buser sub-brands including Nidor and Frenca, as well as by other premium watchmaking companies like Gruen. Throughout the brand history, the Buser product range has evolved from pocket, wrist and necklace watches in the early 20th century to pressure gauges in the late 1970’s. After Buser and three other watch manufacturers formed Manufactures d’Horlogerie Suisse Réunis SA (M.S.R.) in 1961, its focus has moved from watches to pressure measuring instruments marking the demise of the great Buser watchmaking era. Nevertheless, owing to the unrivaled quality and elegant design, Buser calibers are still widely employed by some contemporary watchmakers. Having a good reputation in the watchmaking world and being a successor of glorious watchmaking traditions, Dekla Watches has taken the liberty to revitalize this amazing brand by creating a number of the vintage 20th century watches with a modern twist. Our craft production facilities enable us to handle the entire production process, including drawings, manufacturing and final assembly in accordance with the best industry-specific standards. In addition, a great number of watch components are produced in-house, which makes Dekla stand out among its competitors and grants the final timepieces with unique design, elegant look and top-notch quality.

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