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OUR VISION & MISSION BREMOIR believes that the Age of Art Deco (1920s and 1930s) was a special time in world history; a Time Worth Remembering. Not only was it memorable for its clean, geometric designs and incredibly beautiful architecture, but for the way life itself was lived: romantically, fearlessly and glamorously. BREMOIR is a brand with an old soul and a carpe diem attitude. It’s dedicated to designing contemporary, mechanical timepieces that incorporate trusted and reliable movements. Our timepieces evoke the spirit and design ethos of the Age of Art Deco and are made to give you enough swagger to live a life full of memories, not regrets. ASPIRATION The shimmering allure of the Silver Screen was shaped by the sets and costumes of Hollywood’s design visionaries. Performers created unions that could stand up to powerful studio moguls. Silent films gave way to talkies. The stars brought light to black and white: Chaplin, Garbo and Gable entertained audiences in picture-houses around the world. Department stores made the glamorous goods and styles seen at the cinema accessible to the masses. The Eastern Columbia building was an architectural marvel. Its giant, four-sides clock towered over downtown L.A. and watched the city prosper. Vibrant blue and gold terracotta tiles glimmered in the Southern California sun while its spectacular, sun-burst themed vestibule welcomed starry-eyed shoppers. Those movie pioneers inspired regular folk to believe that aspiration leads to a better life.

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