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Presentation of Brellum

«The reliability and durability of BRELLUM watches are part of my deeply held values» Fundamental choices and essential actions are behind these words. Indeed, not only in the selection of partners and suppliers, the materials which are employed for the making of the components (sapphires and steel 316L, DIN 1.4435), the legendary precision of Valjoux movements « Officially Chronometer Certified » (COSC), but also the numerous quality control processes both during and after manufacture are all factors in making BRELLUM timepieces objects that you will be able to pass on to future generations.

History of Brellum

Founded in 2016

" Inspired by the legacy left behind by my great grandather, born in 1885, he was the first watchmaker of 4 generations. Setting up shop in 1910 – an era which lacked the network of distributors and shipping availability that exists today - my great grandfather was still determined to catch the eyes of a timeless market. During the week, he would focus on the intricacies of the watch; the design, production maintenance etc. and in the weekend, he went to Geneva to meet with his clients directly. A century later, BRELLUM is fuelled by this very mission – to establish this intimate connection between the watchmaker and the enthusiast." BRELLUM Swiss Watchmaking is an independent brand, dedicated to developing high-end timepieces for us admirers of timeless quality. A brand cultivated in the Jura Mountains, a cradle of Swiss Watchmaking, situated near the medieval city of Porrentruy, I am proud to represent the 4th generation of Muller family watchmakers. Immersing myself in watchmaking for over 25 years, I was entirely dedicated to acquiring new skills in this timeless industry. Upon undertaking roles such as Product Manager and Quality Control Manager for a number of world famous watchmaking companies, at the ripe age of 42, I sought to use these experiences to create something of my own. And so, BRELLUM was brought to inception from my desire to offer fellow enthusiasts with a new vision of what high quality watchmaking should look like. Not just for today, but for future generations to come. With no compromise in quality, the BRELLUM models are manufactured using high-end materials with reliable automatic, mechanical movements officially certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). “In order to know where one is going, we must remember where we come from” – Born out of a small village called Bonfol I used this philosophy from Italian writer Antonio Gramsci to mirror that of the BRELLUM brand. Take for example, our Duobox range which is inspired by the past but showcases elements of Swiss modernity in its design. The name, “BRELLUM” also contains an anagram of my surname as my values and experiences blend perfectly with the DNA of the brand. Taking resemblance from the Latin word, “Bellum” which means war, the BRELLUM brand is a subtle reminder of the daily wars of life that each of us experience. Our timepieces are symbolic of the resoluteness needed to withstand these struggles, guided by our convictions throughout. The logo is inspired by a creature of regional mythology, the Wyvern – a hybrid of dragon, bird and serpent, popular in folklore. A precious stone known as the Carbuncle is encrusted into the Wyvern’s forehead. A symbol discreetly embedded into the crown of all BRELLUM watches.

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