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Blacklist is the automotive enthusiast’s watch brand. Founded in 2013 and motivated by our love for supercars, our designs feature colors and materials that are seen on some of the most iconic of automobiles. In the world of high-end supercars, carbon fiber is everywhere, so we really wanted to showcase its unique, sleek and sexy look on our watches. In a time of minimalism, we said forget that and produced our first collections with oversized bold carbon fiber dials. Today, our numerous collections reflect a range of automotive inspired features, from color to material. Blacklist, by definition a list of people or products viewed with suspicion or disapproval. Founding our brand right in the thick of the minimalist movement, we found it only fitting that our brand be called Blacklist. We go against the grain, we are not normal, and quite frankly, we don’t want to be. There is nothing unique or special about following trends. We march to the beat of our own drum, we blaze our own paths and we are unafraid to like what we like and be proud of it. We are the Blacklist, join us.

History of Blacklist

Founded in 2013

With a strong affinity for business, Blacklist founder Justin Eterovich is the creative force driving the brand. A passion driven businessman, he takes pride in bridging the connection between his two loves, watches and cars. During his first year of college, fed up by tasteless watches, he designed the first Blacklist collection (Phantom) on a piece of notebook paper sitting in an economics class. Fast forward to today and he has tasked himself with growing “The Blacklist” even further and into a community of car loving watch enthusiasts. With the belief that life is too short to wear boring watches, he strives to deliver exceptional designs that will promote a feeling of uniqueness and exclusivity to the wearer. Always learning and constantly developing his brand further, he invites anyone and everyone to send him an email personally with questions, comments or criticism. [email protected]

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