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Bespoke Watch Projects creates limited production mechanical timepieces, each assembled by hand in their California studio. The brand has become known for its combination of heritage-inspired details and modernist design influences, as well as being distinctive objects of expression from designer & watchmaker John Beck McConnico. With a background in art direction, design, and fine art, he applies unconventional techniques to the overall production process. His latest “Intaglio” collection incorporates engraved & patinated dials with direct influences from painting and printmaking—resulting in pieces that look both familiar yet unique.

History of Bespoke Watch Projects

Founded in 2014

Bespoke Watch Projects was founded in 2014 as the brainchild of John Beck McConnico, a Horologist, Brand Builder, Designer, and Visual Artist. Throughout his 30-year career he has created consumer products, creative strategies, identity systems, and campaigns for Fortune 50 companies such as Apple, Sony, and NBC (as well as being an avid watch collector). Originally evolving from his individual client commissions, Bespoke Watch Projects has grown into a robust brand with a rotating selection of Readymade Editions, Made-to-Order Models, Bespoke Services, and Online Watch Builder. A strong believer in the power of collaboration and cross-pollination of creative ideas, he built Bespoke Watch Projects to offer equal parts Design, Product, and Service—with the customer being the paramount collaborator. John assembles each watch in his Oakland, California studio—incorporating hand-finished engraved dials, distinctive case designs, and customized Swiss movements. His primary goal is to offer an “accessible heirloom” for every watch collector and aficionado.

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