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We are so happy to have founded AUDRIC Watches. I’m so excited of starting this wonderful journey of creating some unique watches with exceptional quality that people can purchase this at very affordable price tags to commemorate or celebrate an important event or milestones in their lives. Every watch design tells a story and it’s an honor to be part of that story. AUDRIC is a SWISS MADE Watch Startup based in Singapore with assembly / factory in Neuchatel, Switzerland. At AUDRIC, we are committed to delivering high-quality and rugged watches with utilitarian features. Our ingenious designs, impeccable materials and attention to detail fortify our commitment to produce beautiful timepieces which creates unique value for our customers. All of our watches are SWISS MADE to ensure that they meet not only the highest standards, but also impart that luxurious feel to the customer.

History of Audric

Founded in 2020

There was once a curious little boy who got a special gift – a watch, on his 7th birthday – opening up the door to the adventurous world of time. Soon, he began observing the hands of his grand father’s automatic, admiring the sweeping hands on the beautiful machine. How is all of time contained in these little instruments people tie on their wrists, he wondered, awestruck at the power they carried. Many seasons later, this budding interest has blossomed into a full-blown passion for the science of watch-making. A quick trip to a local dealer to finally invest in an automatic watch of his own left the hero of our story thoroughly disappointed – none of the watches there appealed to his aesthetics and all of them were overpriced. The determination he walked out with that day turned into the seed of an idea, and the brand AUDRIC watches was born – watches that are crafted to look stylish and sophisticated, that would reflect the spirit of adventure its owner carried and yet, would not break their banks. This would be a line of watches that would grab anyone’s attention – the colors would be bright and bold, as unique and feisty as the adventurers who wore them. AUDRIC watches embody luxury, but they aren’t just eye-candy, although their stunning bright colours will make you stand out in a crowd. They’re built to withstand the very fury of nature, their workhorse movements as consistent and reliable as the rising and setting sun. These beautiful machines are handcrafted in Switzerland, the age-old country of precise timekeeping. The logo is an ode to this land – of the alps standing proud and tall, beckoning to those who would try and conquer their icy heights. At AUDRIC, we know that investing in a watch is one of the grader adventures you’ll take on, and we assure you – this is one adventure you won’t regret embarking on.

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