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Based in Calgary, Alberta, we are in the heart of the prairies and an hour away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Our mission is simple: to create unique horological complications at affordable prices. At Arcus, we are watch-makers. Unlike other small brands, we are in a very unique position as we engineer and manufacture high precision movement components completely in-house. Our machines are able to make our parts to a precision within 0.01mm of its specified dimensions (~1/6 of a hair width)! Like the parts, the computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines that make them are built by us in-house as well. The computer driven machines allow us to produce many parts with repeatable tolerances. Having machines that are tailored exactly to our needs has allowed us to create our watches, and opens many doors for creating more unique complications in the future.

History of Arcus Watches

Arcus Watches Inc. is run by Raf Dzwonek who comes from a background of electrical engineering. Over the last 6 years he has been pursuing his passion for watchmaking and micromechanics. He does everything from the design all the way to the manufacturing and assembly of all the in-house manufactured complication modifications.

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